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Construction starts on new modern Japanese culinary gem, Haii Keii in Upper Kirby



February 1, 2024 

Anchor Construction and Management is excited to announce that it has started construction for Haii Keii, a 2,878-square-foot custom restaurant that blends modern Japanese flavors with a touch of innovation on Upper Kirby in Houston, Texas. Anchor Construction and Management is joined in the project by Gin Design Group as well as Tramonte Design Group

As the construction begins, Anchor Construction and Management will utilize their expertise to ensure that every aspect of the build-out seamlessly matches Haii Keiis' vision. From sourcing top-quality materials to collaborating with craftsmen, the team is fully dedicated to creating a restaurant space that reflects the exceptional culinary experience it will offer within its walls. Anchor Construction and Management is pleased to announce that they expect to deliver this project in Q1 of 2024. 

“Being part of this dynamic team at Anchor Construction and Management is a thrill, especially when we're on track to rapidly bring the exquisite Haii Keii to the Upper Kirby community,” said Brandon Simpson, Business Development for Anchor Construction and Management. “Our team not only focuses on craftsmanship and quality but also on efficiency. Speed and precision are both top priorities for us, allowing us to offer a premier dining destination that perfectly aligns with the innovative and bustling spirit of the area, and to do so in record time.”   

Haii Kei

With attention to detail and a deep appreciation for impeccable craftsmanship, Anchor Construction and Management is committed to bringing Haii Keiis' unique vision to life. The restaurant design will showcase a blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics as well as modern design elements promising an unmatched dining experience that stimulates all senses. 

Haii Keii aims to redefine Houston's restaurant scene by creating a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere where traditional Japanese cuisine meets a contemporary twist. Both the local community and visitors alike will benefit from the anticipated arrival of the restaurant in the Upper Kirby area. 

About Anchor Construction and Management

ANCHOR Construction and Management is a national reaching commercial construction firm based in Houston, Texas, specializing in convenience stores, quick service restaurants and multi-family living projects.

Since 2016, Anchor has designed and built over 400+ commercial projects of all sizes. Anchored by relentless effort, innovative solutions, resourcefulness, and an expertise in the field, we provide clients with turnkey service, on time and on budget. We put our clients’ needs first, period.

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