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Building Dreams: The Anchor Way



April 20, 2022

For over four decades, the journey of Anchor Construction and Management has been deeply intertwined with Brock Bly’s childhood passion for creation. At 5 years old, he was crafting skateboard ramps by hand, and doing it well.

Since his early years creating and building, his path has been guided by a firm belief in the power of early experiences. His belief, that an early start leads to a successful future, guided the creation of Anchor Construction and Management. Today, as the driving force behind Anchor Construction and Management, his dedication to timeless values and diligent effort continue to propel the company's growth. From its inception, Anchor stands as a testament to perseverance and commitment, its legacy rooted in the traditions of organic curiosity and steadfast vision for the future.

About Anchor Construction and Management

ANCHOR Construction and Management is a national reaching commercial construction firm based in Houston, Texas, specializing in convenience stores, quick service restaurants and multi-family living projects.

Since 2016, Anchor has designed and built over 400+ commercial projects of all sizes. Anchored by relentless effort, innovative solutions, resourcefulness, and an expertise in the field, we provide clients with turnkey service, on time and on budget. We put our clients’ needs first, period.

Our reputation is built on client satisfaction, long-term professional relationships and repeat clients. With a proven track record and un-paralleled client service, Anchor has quickly grown into a main-stay player in the commercial construction industry.

Anchor Construction and Management
4000 Cartwright Rd
Missouri City, Texas 77459